Riding Information

Club Policy

The following policy has been adopted for all rides, scheduled and ad hoc.

Anyone who rides with our club on any ride agrees to abide by our liability waiver (click to review).   A new rider may ride one ride with the group as a guest.  After one ride, we require that you join the club.  To Join, please click this link and follow the instructions.   The fee for one year membership is $20 ($25 in cash or check) which covers insurance, social activities, and administrative costs.  We thank you for your cooperation with the policy.


Safety Policy

The policy of the Santa Fe Seniors On Bikes cycling club is to obey all traffic laws. This includes each individual rider obeying all traffic signals. NM traffic law requires that we ride as far on the right side of the road as is safe and that we use hand signals. Helmets are required to ride with the SOBs. It is our intent for bike riders to behave as vehicles. These practices will help to keep our rides safe.

Joining Our Group

If this sounds like a group you would like to take part in, please follow the instructions here. If you would like to contact us, please use this link and submit your question or comment using the form on the left side of the page. This website is our means of communication…those signed up will receive regular e-mail messages. To sign up and get the latest updates automatically, click this link, on the right side of the page you will see an e-mail address box. Add your email address to the box and you will then receive an e-mail each time a new blog entry is added. You can also add comments or replies directly to the blog.

Essential Items for Riding with us

  1. Helmet – You will not be allowed to ride without a helmet.
  2. Signed SOB Ride Waiver.
  3. Emergency contact name and phone number including medical insurance numbers on a business card or 3×5 or RoadID bracelet.
  4. Water bottle(s).  Longer rides require 2 bottles.
  5. Spare tube(s)
  6. Tire iron(s)
  7. Hand pump or CO2 cartridge(s) with inflator head
  8. Small multi-tool recommended
  9. Small pen knife or tweezers recommended

Your bicycle should be in good repair and you should know how to fix a flat.  If you are a beginner, please tell us at the start of a ride so that we can make sure that you are accompanied by one or more riders on your first ride so that you become comfortable with our group and our culture.

Ride Information

We have two types of rides.  Scheduled and Ad Hoc.  The scheduled rides occur every Thursday during the season, which runs from April through October.  Ad Hoc rides are every Tuesday and Saturday all year long, plus, from November through March there is an ad hoc ride every Thursday as well.  There are also ad hoc rides offered by one or more club members for other riders to join.

Scheduled rides are led by a ride leader and all riders are expected to ride safely and in accordance with applicable traffic laws. We also ask all riders to be courteous of other riders and other vehicles.

​A description of the Ride Groups follows:

A Group (Energetic): Usually rides 30 to 50 miles at a pace determined by the riders.  The ride leader will stop for regrouping as dictated by the route and to make sure no one gets lost or dropped.  Riders may ride faster or slower than the ride leader but regroup at the designated stop.  For this group, riders are encouraged to be able to change flats and do simple bike repairs, but we will help each other.  There can be an A- group on Thursdays during the ride season, which will ride slightly slower, sometimes with a separate leader. 

B Group (Relaxed): Usually rides 20 to 40 miles at a pace determined by the ride leader. This is a “non-drop” group, that is riders will not be left behind. A designated rider, we call our HERO will ride at the back of the group to insure that no one is left behind. They will also help with flats or simple mechanical problems. There can be a B+ or B- subdivision.

C Group: Rides around 20 miles at a speed that depends on the riders. This will also be a “no-drop” group.

Ride Leaders will decide: routes, regroup points, HERO’s