Ad Hoc Ride Information

Riding on ANY SOB ride implies consent to our liability waiver (click to read, print, sign, bring to your first ride.)

Ad Hoc Rides are all rides that are not conducted in season on Thursday between April and October.  Ad Hoc Road Rides are every Tuesday from DeVargas and every Saturday from El Camino Academy, and at varying locations any other day of the week as posted by any of our members. Times vary throughout the year.  Occasionally the start location will change but it will be noted on the website.

What is an Ad Hoc Ride?

Simply, an Ad Hoc Ride is one that is more flexible and informal than in season Thursday rides. That said there are actually two types. What we shall call True Ad Hoc Rides and Pre-Planned Ad Hoc Rides.

True Ad Hoc Rides – Tuesdays and Saturdays all year and Thursdays in winter.

True Ad Hoc Rides, such as Tuesday Ad Hoc Road Rides, have no pre-planned route or mileage. The group meets at the place and time indicated in the event and agrees by consensus on a route with re-groups on a step by step basis. There is NO formal leader for a True Ad Hoc Ride, although one or more members will guide the group along the chosen route. Out of season (winter) Thursday rides are similar. Our winter Thursday ride meeting location varies monthly but there is no pre-planned route and the group agrees on a route by consensus.
Depending on the number of riders who show up, 2 or more groups of riders can form to ride different paces, routes, and distances. However, if there are too few riders to create reasonable size groups we tend to ride the same route with more frequent re-groups and people heading back when they desire. Regardless it is requested that you inform the group if you leave the ride to head back.

Pre-Planned Ad Hoc Rides

Members post a ride they want to do including a starting point, time, and a route. The post is usually for a weekend ride but not necessarily. If you want to join the ride it is helpful for the organizer to know who is planning to join. There is a mechanism called booking that you should use to inform the organizer of the ride that you are planning to attend.  The Organizer of a pre-planned Ad Hoc Ride will function as ride leader and guide the group on the complete route. As with all rides, should you decide to deviate from the route please inform the ride leader.