The energetic group has been averaging about 14 riders per ride, 3 days per week, since November started.  Great turnout.   We recently did two atypical rides, one in ABQ and one here in town.  If you don’t want to read about them, now is the time to move on.

This past Thursday we rode about 40 miles in ABQ.  Starting and finishing at the Sandia RR Station, we rode to southwest ABQ and back with a stop at Slice for just that (and a beer) before the last 7 miles, which fortunately were all downhill.

The weather was fantastic, about 52 at the start, warming to 62, with little wind.  It was a very relaxed ride since no one but MikeD knew where we were going.  Thanks again Mike.

On Saturday, the informal Santa Fondo, hosted by Irena Ossola, was well attended by SOBs.  Of the 26 riders in the start photo (below) 19 are SOBs.  Start and finish at Santa Fe Brewing.  Most of us went out and back to Galisteo, while the super energetic team did the full Galisteo loop.

Irena with hands raised.  You may have to really search the image to see us all.  (best image will be if you click read in browser)  We had decent weather, a bit on the windy side, although a tail wind from 14 to Galisteo was much appreciated, the return into it was less so.   Still there was a awesome result from 3 of our riders.  See below.  On an 8.4 mile segment from just after the turn onto 42 until Galisteo, 3 of our guys (Tom, Shawn, and Gordon) rode faster than the perennial KOM of Santa Fe, Fortunato Ferrara.

Above is the segment.  Below are the results.  Not all time mind you, just on Saturday.

After the ride we relaxed with a free beer courtesy of Santa Fe Brewing.

Shawn, Diane, hidden person, Christa, yt

Gordon (not facing camera), Shawn, John and CatV.   Thanks for the photos, Irena.

Also, on a slightly different note, we heard from Lynn regarding the upcoming trial.  She posted a comment to the blog entry.  Click here to read her comment (and one from Khalil).

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