I was called today by the district court regarding the attack on the SOB’s 20 months ago where 3 of us were injured.  The final status hearing was held yesterday and no move to again postpone the process was accepted, so now, we proceed to trial.  Next Tuesday, the 19th, jury selection is to begin.  So, sometime next week, a jury should be seated to hear this case.  Additionally, Monday, the 18th,  the judge will hear arguments from both sides, regarding 7 motions made by the defense to limit or eliminate testimony from various witnesses, most especially Bud and myself.  The prosecution has stated they will vigorously oppose such motions, so hopefully, they will not go through.  Because of the holidays and cases already on the docket, an initial trial date has been set for January 6th, 2020, and is expected to conclude by the end of that week.  Subpoenas for the trial will be issued sometime in the mid to late December timeframe.  The proceedings are open to the public, but anyone who has been subpoenaed may not be in the courtroom except as they are called to witness.  Once dismissed, we still cannot enter the courtroom to watch the proceedings in case we may be recalled for further testimony.  The intent is to prevent any witness from having their testimony from being tainted by the proceedings.

I asked, and was told that the press would already be in court to report on the proceedings.  Also, any other interested party, members of the SOB’s who were either not on the ride or are not subpoenaed, are encouraged to attend.

I’m dizzy by all this, but determined to go through with whatever is needed.  The message that we bicyclists are not fair game for angry motorists must be made.

ed. note:  Regarding attendance at the trial, I will request Lynn to chime in if there is value in having folks who were not on that ride attend the trial.

Stay Safe everyone.

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