I guess the old saw, “there is no such thing as a free lunch” does not apply to Seniors.

Most of you paid for 2020 and as we keep saying that also means you are paid for 2021.  I know that October 2020 is a lifetime in the past and most of us cannot remember what we ate for dinner last night BUT we told you about this in October, the blog post is still on the website, and we have reminded you several times since then.  In that October post, which is linked on the membership page (as well as below), we also provided a list so you could confirm your payment status for 2020.  We cannot do any more to help.

The first paragraph of the Join page, the last sentence, reads:  IF YOU PAID FOR 2020 READ THIS FIRST!     It is even in red.

Clearly many of you did not read it.  If you have double paid then remember that and don’t pay again for 2022.  The membership committee is not going to track your double and triple payments.  You must do that for yourself.  We’ll take your word for it.  (Ian, Steve, and I will treat ourselves to some nice bike goodies cause the odds of any of you remembering that you paid for 2022, in a years time, are slim to none.)

Having discussed payment, now we come to the waivers.  We do track those.  Every year.   As it also says on the Join page, “… there are 3 steps:  Standard Waiver, Covid Waiver, and Payment.  NOTE:  THERE ARE 2 SEPARATE WAIVERS – YOU MUST SUBMIT BOTH! ”

Once the recent flurry of waivers has abated I will update you on who is good to go and who has work to do.  Till then………..keep sending extra money.  Much appreciated.



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