You’ll have to thank Ian for his erroneous email giving everyone 2021 membership.  The board has decided he was on the right track.  We have voted to approve a dues holiday for 2021 IF you are paid up for 2020.   If your name is on this list then you paid for 2020 (list will download as a PDF, look in your download folder) and have been gifted with a paid membership for 2021.  This gift does not come without consequence however.  Should you find yourself riding with an SOB board member in a headwind then you are required to pull that board member (which means to break the wind in front of said board member) until there is a tail wind!  This applies anytime the wind is over 10 mph from now until May 1.

If you did not pay for 2020, we know who you are, so you need to pay for 2021 in order to re-join.

In addition, EVERYONE still needs to sign BOTH waivers for 2021Click the Join link and do it.

So to summarize.
If you paid for 2020, congratulations you do not have to pay for 2021.  You do have to sign both waivers again.
If you did not pay for 2020, then you do need to pay for 2021 and still sign both waivers.  But you don’t have to pull.

If through some misguided sense of always being first you already paid for 2021, despite having paid for 2020, we will consider your payment as good for 2022, hopefully we all survive until then.

Stay Safe.

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