When you attend the dinner Sunday evening that welcomes the students riding with Texas 4000, you will be free of your own cooking chores. You will be much more relaxed Monday morning as a result. The Texas 4000 group arrives in Santa Fe on Saturday, June 9. And on Sunday, at 5:30 p.m. at Las Campanas Country Club members of SOB will join the students and alumni of the University of Texas.

The facilities are perfect for this event. And you will feel that you’re in a good place, having conversations with great young people who are conversant and eager to participate. Of course, they will talk a little bit about the week of riding from Austin to Santa Fe, and they will be excited about the days ahead of them. Their own stories of how they got to this point, the challenges they have met, are the real comments you will enjoy. When you leave the building to return home, you will say to yourself, ” I wish I were riding tomorrow. It is going to be a great trip!”

We need your reservation though so the food can be ordered. The cost is $60 per person, and that includes the tip! Notify me through email at this address to make your reservation for yourself and your guest. pollockb@aol.comhe

There is even more fun, if you can believe it. You can meet the Texas 4000 riders when they arrive at Eldorado on June 9 around 3:30 p.m. and ride with them over the Old Santa Fe Trail to the Plaza and then to their hotel. This will be a group of about 50 riders that generates excitement and appreciation from drivers on the way and visitors on the Plaza. Since it is a little late in the day, I am leaving my car at DeVargas and riding home to Eldorado to get my bike and join everyone at the Agora Market at Eldorado. You can make your own arrangements. And the best of us will probably ride out to Eldorado and then back to town with the group.

The weather for Saturday and Sunday is fantastic. Temps in the 70s and the WSW winds around 7 mph.

Send in your dinner reservation! And we look forward to the event and riding with the Texas 4000!

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