The SOB Riders gathered Thursday at the 599 Station for a Winter ride!! Yes… it was cold. Yes… it was windy… Yes… it was cloudy!! Yes… just another opportunity for SOB Riders to conquer the elements. We divided in two groups but road the same route – Down Highway 14, across Bonanza Creek Road; over to La Cienega (El Rancho de las Golondrinas); then back to the 599 Parking Lot. Those wanting extra miles, and punishment, headed up Dinosaur to Richards, around IAIA and back to the 599 Parking Lot. At El Rancho de las Golondrinas we regrouped for a picture (Joe behind the lens; Monica still on her bike.)

Some rode a short distance; some rode long. Some rode a slower pace; some rode fast. But we all rode, not letting a little cold weather dampen our riding passion!! Winter riding can be a hoot if you are dressed for the conditions. Remember… on these cloudy days we need to be seen! Wear bright clothing and don’t forget both flashing front and rear lights. Ride fast; Ride safe; Be seen!!




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