Undeterred by cold and windy weather, SOB riders were able to pick and choose a number of good ride days every week in February. When the weather turned unrideable in Santa Fe, the SOB riders made a “Return to Albuquerque” trip in search of a warmer weather!

26 February, BobB and MikeD put together a 32.5 mile “Return to Albuquerque” excursion. 17 SOB Riders met at the Sandia RR Station to start the trek. We deviated from the normal SOB route to tour the North Valley Alameda neighborhood in route to Alameda Bosque Trail Head. On Guadalupe Trail we found this beautiful carved art of “Our Lady of Guadalupe” in an old cottonwood tree. (Joe behind the lens)

We then continued our trek over to the Bosque Trail and then West winding through neighborhoods to the Petroglyph National Monument. It’s a cool place to stop – bathroom facilities and a chance to check out the petroglyphs!! (Monument visitor Tiffany behind the lens)

After “a pause to refresh” we were off again to the West Mesa. As we approached the final climb to the Mesa, MikeD assured us it was only a 3 mile climb; “trust me”! At the end of the 4 mile climb we regrouped in the middle of “no man’s land” in preparation for the return trip.  (Joe behind the lens)

As with the end of any winter ride, our friendly “goat heads” were lurking along the route. But “goat heads” are NOT too tough to tame; just a pain in the butt to deal with!!  However, on this trek, SOB riders were joined by the “world fastest, quick as a wink, tire changer” TomK!! On this trek he earned his tire changing merit badge!! Thanks for your expertise Tom!!


After 32.5 miles and 1,300+ feet of climbing under sunny NM blue skies, it was time for the refreshments!! We gathered at El Pinto for comradery, refreshments and nourishment of the soul before heading back to Santa Fe. Thanks BobB and MikeD for putting this trek together!!

Overall… A GREAT SOB ride and another awesome SOB adventure!!

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