Thursday the SOB riders departed Museum Hill, out Old Las Vegas Highway to Canocito Hill; then back through Seton Village to Museum Hill. It was a great day to ride!! For folks that have not climbed Canocito Hill, it is about 3/4 of a mile long with an average 7% grade, with the steepest grades running 11-13%.  Here’s the SOB Riders at Canocito Hill Summit and on the descent (Joe behind the lens). It is definitely a close in training opportunity for Heartbreak Hill.

It was fun to get out and ride with the group again in January!! The sun was shining, the wind acceptable, the climbs and descents awakening!! All in all, the ride was about 30 miles with about 1,800 feet of climb.  Yes, the weather can be cold January through March, but layer up and get out and ride!! We do not get a lot of great riding days in January and February. Take advantage of the good weather to get an early start on the 2018 season!!

Another GREAT SOB Ride and adventure!!

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