| Author: Bob Bogart
| Title: Suggested Winter Guiding Ridelines
| Summary:

Or Winter Tuesday – Thursday Riding Guidelines:

Please chime in if you want to suggest changes.  Note that conditions change

Road conditions:  Dry or mostly dry, absolutely no snow on road or shoulder.

Projected Air Temperature at start time: >= 38 with bright sun, mid 40s if
significant cloud cover.  (Air Temp is a very personal decision, these are
kind of my working guidelines and you probably won’t see me if temps are
lower than this.  Your mileage may vary.)

Wind:  <= sustained 15 at start time.  Wind forecasts are very variable and
inaccurate so look outside.

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| Author: Bob Bogart
| Title: Guidelines – just that

Thanks for the feedback.  My goal was to try to avoid having to send out
emails before each winter ride discussing the conditions.  Thus some
guidelines that we could all understand for when “most?” folks are likely to
show for a ride and when conditions are just too harsh for “most” but if you
are inclined to ride, then you take your chances that you may be one of a
very select (and hardy) few.  These numbers are not cast in stone.  For
example, >32<38 with 2 mph wind might be reasonably comfortable but >32<38
with 10 mph, not so much.  We could revise the temp to be wind chill and say
wind chill has to be >32 ???  I am happy to lower the standalone wind number
so let’s say 12.5 mph as a compromise.  Just remember actual wind conditions
vary, calm at DeVargas might be gale force at 599.  Wind forecast for speed
is also inaccurate IMHO.  I’ll create a new post with the revised guidelines
in a day or so after some time elapses for additional comments.
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