The final scheduled road ride is this Thursday at 10 am from Museum Hill.   This brings us to the “winter” riding season.  We ride all winter, weather permitting, see below.  Winter rides are ad hoc.  Refer to this page for ad hoc ride information.

I have posted an ad hoc ride for Thursday Oct 27, leaving from Eldorado Agora Center at 10am.  This ride, as well as all ad hoc rides, is open to all rider levels.

Saturday Oct 22 road ride note:  A bunch of folks are doing the Oct 23 ride in ABQ.  So attendance at the Oct 22 ride will likely be significantly reduced, just so you are aware.

For simplicity, I have changed the ride times for next week to all be 10am.  So starting on October 25, all ad hoc road rides will start at 10am.

I have posted November ad hoc road rides for Tues, Thrs, and Sat through November.  Locations are DeVargas for Tuesday, 599 RR Sta for Thursday in November, and El Camino Academy for Saturday.  Start times are all 10am.  We will move to 11am in December.

Winter riding can be a bit more problematic than other seasons.  Last year I posted my guideline for showing up.  Everyone has their own set of parameters, but these are mine:

  1. Temperature at start time forecast to be >= 38F
  2. Full sun – overcast is MUCH COLDER
  3. Wind forecast / observed wind at start time <=10mph sustained
  4. Dry roads.  (After snow there is always a chance for ice in the shade but if the roads appear generally dry and clear, we are good.)

This is my attempt to avoid sending around a bunch of emails before every ride discussing the weather and trying to decide if we are going to ride or not.  If the weather violates my guidelines I won’t be there.  You should make your own decision.

That said, if the ride time weather meets your guidelines (and mine), I hope to see you there.  Don’t be shy.  I won’t repeat the old saw, there can be bad weather, but good clothing usually helps.


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