“Winter” riding information

A brief compendium of information regarding SOB rides from Nov through March, the winter riding season.

During the winter season, there are ad hoc rides every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Find details (date, time, location) on upcoming rides here.  

Winter riding can be a bit more problematic than other seasons.  Here are some guidelines that I use for showing up at a winter ride.  Everyone has their own set of parameters, but these are mine:

  1. Temperature at start time forecast to be >= 38F
  2. If cold, then full sun – overcast is MUCH COLDER.  If over 50 then some cloud cover can be accommodated.
  3. Wind forecast / observed wind at start time <=10mph sustained (regardless of the temperature).
  4. Dry roads.  (After snow there is always a chance for ice in the shade but if the roads appear generally dry and clear, we are good.)