Thursday some of the SOB Riders headed North to make the climb to Truchas, NM.  We started from the Cities of Gold Casino in Pojoaque under winter condition – cold, wind, clouds! Our trek followed the High Rode to Taos (Highway 503/76) to Truchas. The village of Truchas originally began as a Spanish land grant in 1754. The original land grant was given to twelve families from Chimayo and Pueblo Quemado (now Cordova).  The land grant is commonly known as the Truchas Land Grant, gaining its name from the river that provides the water for irrigation of the land. Truchas is the Spanish word for trout. Its purpose was to establish an outpost community in an effort to block the Comanches from a favorite route through which they raided Santa Fe and the communities lying along the Rio Grande valley. At an elevation of just over 8,000 feet, Truchas has one of the highest elevations in the United States.

We regrouped at the High Road Market Place… It was COLD in Truchas!! The High Road Market Place was a great place to get warmed up; use facilities and admire the local artworks (Joe behind the lens; John missed the photo).

Our ride leader Rick wasted no time in barking out the “Lets Ride” order…

Time to descent to warm temperatures!! The descent to Chimayo was QUICK; so to was the immediate warmth of San Juan Valley. We traversed back along Highway 503 to the Nambe Church and the Cities of Gold Casino.

Arriving in Pojocque, SOB Riders always stop at the Sopapilla Restaurant for lunch and refreshments! Overall it was a 40+ mile trek with over 3,400 feet of climbing!!


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