9 SOB Riders gathered at the El Camino Real Academy under bright, sunny blue skies and warm temperatures for a Winter day of riding and climbing. We were joined by Niltsi, the Navajo Wind God; a training partner we just didn’t need this early in the riding season. The SOB Riders headed out from the El Camino Real Academy; up the 599 Frontage Road into a STIFF headwind; across to the Las Campanas Mailboxes, for an out and back around the Lollipop. We stopped for a pictures on the Lollipop (“E” behind the lens) before getting a welcomed wind assist climb back to the mailboxes. If you haven’t ridden the Lollipop… you’re missing a fun ride!!

Regrouping at the mailboxes, we circled Las Campanas on the outer loop to Calle del Rio. We were blessed with a WIND ASSISTED “screamer” down Calle del Rio to the 599 Frontage Road, then back to the El Camino Real Academy. Overall a GREAT ride… 1:45 riding time, 26+ miles, an average speed of 15 MPH, and 1,500+ feet of climb.  But a ride is never complete without after the ride refreshments and nourishment. We finished the ride with an enjoyable late lunch at the 2nd Street Brewery on Rufina (SSB#3). This is Winter SOB cycling!!


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