The following from Brian K of Santa Fe Road Riders (SFRR).

“Thursday, April 7, is also the SFRR First Thursday happy hour.  Through Bob Bogart I invited the SOBs to join us at Second Street’s Railyard location, beginning at 4 PM, as an expression of solidarity and support from the Road Riders.  It may also give those unable to join the Memorial Ride due to the work day event schedule a chance to commune and express solidarity with the SOBs.  Bob has graciously accepted our invitation on behalf of the SOBs.  This SFRR First Thursday will no doubt be more of an open cycling community event so that Pedal Queens or other riding groups may feel free to join us.”

SOBs, please join in. Thursday April 7, 4pm,  2nd Street Brewery at the Railyard.  See you there.

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