Below are notes that Judy herself sent this morning.

Hello Everyone, you can share this with friends.  I am here at the Life Center Kona for Rehab.  I am asking everyone to please not send me anything-cards ect.  I do not know how long I will be here and I know these places do not forward anything and I do not have room to take anything back with me.  And on that note, I actually walked with most of my weight on my challenged leg today.  I did use a walker, but my weight was there.  I tried to imagine I was trying to crush macadamian nut shells, but it does take 300 pounds of pressure and I didn’t quite make it.
Anyway, my goal is to fly home on the 1st of Feb. but as we know, reality is the final determiner.  The doctor needs to determine how much risk I have for clots on the plane ride home.  I will book a 1st class ticket as I know I will have to stretch out.  The assistant ride leader, John stayed here with me until today.  He is finally going home to see his wife and he took my little “pink duffel bag” full of dirty bike clothes.  I decided I don’t need them anytime soon.  He will mail them to me from Oregon which is cheaper than from Hawaii.
John brought a latte everyday to me and became great friends with an Uber driver.  I just have to give her a call and she will deliver a latte to me.  And before John left he smuggled in a four pack of Merlot wine.  I thought I would try it tonight, but I am on some drugs and I was given a no, I will have to wait a bit.  So, life is not too bad.  The staff seems really good and I have an incredible view from my room of the ocean.  They are having flash flood warnings in Hilo, so we made it around the Island just in time.  Send me your well wishes, I can take emails and quick calls, but I do have therapy everyday and have to work hard to make it bring results, so I may not get back to you quickly.  I will be home soon!  Hugs, Judy

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