It has been requested to survey the club about changing summer start times to no earlier than 0900.  We have been starting local Thursday and ad hoc rides at 0830 during the hotter part of the summer, e.g. June and July.  In addition to the question about start times there are 2 more questions (a  total of 3).  We have ridden several times on Sunday due to weather issues and there is a very noticeable difference in the amount of traffic on Sunday (much less) vs. Saturday.  So there are 2 questions about Sunday rides.

If you are interested in voicing your opinion, click this link and answer the questions.  We will not start different groups at different times, all groups will start at the same time, so whatever result there is will apply to all 3 groups.  I have required that you enter your email address to fill out the survey to limit ballot box stuffing.

The survey will remain open for one week, then we will tally the results.   Once we have the results the board will decide if any changes are to be made.  This will take a few days to complete, so the June 1 ride will start as currently scheduled at 0830.

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