Saturday, SOB riders met at the El camino Real Academy under sunny, cold blue skies for another winter ride. Unpack your tights and long sleeve jerseys, shoe covers, and long finger gloves; and don’t let 40 degree temperatures or a stiff wind deter you!!  We layer up and ride the Santa Fe winters!!

Saturday we rode the Las Campanas loop and included the Las Dos climb and the Lollipop. It was 41 degrees at the start with a 10 MPH North wind; but riding under sunny blue skies kept the cold at bay. The ride out to Los Dos and the Lollipop was into the wind. We smiled because we knew we would have a welcomed tail wind on the return. Between Las Dos and The Lollipop… it was picture time (Joe behind the lens)!!

After the climb back to Los Campanas, we headed to the 599 Frontage road for a scream’n downwind paceline back to the South Meadows. YAHOO!

Overall, we rode 29.5 miles, climbed 1,800+ feet at a comfortable 15+MPH. We finished off our ride with lunch and refreshments at the Santa Fe Capitol Grill at the San Isidro Plaza.

You too can ride Santa Fe this winter! See you Tuesday… for another awesome SOB ride and adventure!!

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