Steward Workshop:

Maria Lohmann sends the following: Steward workshop walk and talk presentation with consultant Tony Boon is open to anyone who might be interested in being a steward on any County trail. She expects the program will be approximately 3 ½ hours give or take. Currently Steve Griego’s name is posted as RT steward, and he suggested she remove it since there will be a changing of the guard; however, her preference is to add additional steward names to the current sign. It would be nice if we had several more RT stewards to help with monitoring protocols, whatever they be. We will find out.

March 5, 9 A.M. Rabbit Road TH

From: “Maria E. Lohmann” <>

We are wrapping up the Rail Trail Management Plan. We would like to provide a hands-on training for all Rail Trail volunteers to go over the recommendations in the plan. Tony Boone, our trail consultant, will be out with us to go over the recommendations and reasons for the recommendations as well as the new monitoring protocol. Please join us and share the invite with anyone interested in volunteering with us at the Rail Trail.

We will meet on March 5, at the Rabbit Road Trailhead at 9:00 am. Again, please share this invitation!



Maria Lohmann

Senior Planner—Open Space and Trails

Santa Fe County Planning Division

102 Grant Ave, Santa Fe NM 87504


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