Saturday’s ride included an unwelcome guest – a stiff NW New Mexico wind joining us as a training partner. Thirteen SOB Riders saddled up and headed out of El Camino Real Academy on South Meadows, across to Richards Ave, around the Institute of American Indian Arts to Hwy 14. Once on Hwy 14, we enjoyed a wind assisted, slightly downhill descent to Lone Butte. YAHOO!! Knowing we would be battling the wind all the way back to the El Camino Academy, it was pace-line riding along Bonanza Creek Road to La Cienega. With grapes maturing on the vines in La Cienega, we were tempted to just enjoy the rest of the day in vineyard. The big decision facing us was whether or not to knock on the wine maker’s door and ask for a wine tasting!! In the end, we thought it best to just admire the grapes on the vine, not in the bottle (Joe behind the lens).

It was now pay-back time for the earlier wind-assisted ride down Hwy 14. ARGH!! We climbed the back side route to the water tower and made the long, slightly up hill, into the wind pace-line ride around the airport, back to El camino Academy. We covered the 37+ miles and 1,500 feet of climbing at over 16 MPH. Now it was time for lunch at our old standby – The Santa Fe Capital Grill.


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