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Tell the City Council and Mayor: Vote “Yes!” for Bicyclists and Pedestrians
The Resolution for Maintenance of Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities that would set a policy to maintain this essential infrastructure and request the mayor include funds for it in the budget has stalled in the Finance Committee. But it’s not too late to voice our support and keep the resolution on track for passage!

The resolution will be heard in the Finance Committee again on Monday, March 11, and will move to the full Governing Body on Wednesday, March 13. Will you email or call city councilors and the mayor by Monday, March 11, to let them know why you support the Resolution and ask them to vote “yes”? Please contact them all if you can, but be sure to let your two councilors know you are in their district because hearing from constituents is important. Not sure which city council district you live in? The map of districts is here. Contact information for all councilors and the mayor is later in this email.
Why is it so important that this resolution passes? Here are just a few reasons:
The City must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and it needs to allocate funds to improve sidewalks, crosswalks, and traffic signals so our community members with disabilities can move around the City more easily. And all pedestrians will benefit from this.
Many, many Santa Feans ride bikes and walk to work, to run errands, and for exercise. Well-maintained trails, bike lanes, and sidewalks will help us do this safely.
Santa Fe has climate sustainability goals, and decreasing our dependence on cars is one way to help meet them.
There are additional ways you can help, beyond contacting councilors and the mayor. You can attend the meetings and write Letters to the Editor.
The Finance Committee meets at 5 PM on Monday, March 11, in the Council Chambers at City Hall (and via Zoom). There isn’t an opportunity for public comment at this meeting so we’ll just be making sure they know we are following the Resolution and how they vote, but there is at the full Governing Body meeting at 5 PM on Wednesday, March 13, also in the Council Chambers at City Hall (or via Zoom). So please mark your calendar.
You can also send in a Letter to the Editor to the Santa Fe New Mexican or the Santa Fe Reporter. To submit a letter to the SFNM (no more than 150 words), click here, and for the SFR, email your letter (no more than 200 words) to editor[at]
Want a deeper dive into the Resolution and issues it would help with? The Santa Fe New Mexican has some great coverage, and the Santa Fe Reporter has also written it up.
Santa Fe New Mexican: Cyclists, disabled community rally behind resolution to improve city infrastructure, Editorial – Reducing carbon emissions takes all of us, An advocate for disabled New Mexicans keeps up fight for inclusion, For city’s new ADA coordinator, passion for accessibility hits home, Editorial – ADA: It’s time to put our actions where our mouths are
Santa Fe Reporter: Big improvements for bicyclists, pedestrians could be on the way
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Thank you so much for your help and support!
P.S. And here’s a suggestion – When you email the mayor and councilors, include a photo of a sidewalk in poor repair, a crack in a trail, or a bike lane full of debris. Illustrating the problem will help them understand why the Resolution is needed. Please cc so we get an idea of how many emails are being sent and what people are saying.
Finance Committee
Chair Carol Romero-Wirth (District 2), Chair, 505-955-6815,
Councilor Jamie Cassutt (District 4), 505-955-6817,
Councilor Signe Lindell (District 1), 505-955-6812,
Councilor Lee Garcia (District 3), 505-955-6814,
Councilor Pilar Faulkner (District 3), 505-955-6818,

Governing Body
Mayor Alan Webber, 505-955-6590,
District 1
Councilor Signe Lindell, 505-955-6812,
Councilor Alma Castro, 505-955-2345,
District 2
Councilor Carol Romero-Wirth, 505-955-6815,
Councilor Michael Garcia (Resolution sponsor), 505-955-6816,
District 3
Councilor Pilar Faulkner, 505-955-6818,
Councilor Lee Garcia, 505-955-6814,
District 4
Councilor Jamie Cassutt, 505-955-6817,
Councilor Amanda Chavez, 505-955-6811,

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact:

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