Here are the tentative ride leader assignments for the last of April and all of May. Changes may be made without notice.

April 21: A- (Rich I); B (Monica S); B- (Ruben C); C (Shirley K)

April 28: A- (Christine VD); B (Paul M) B- (Michael H); C (Lynn P)

May 5: A- (Rick G); B (Michael H); B- (Rob B); C (Bill P)

May 12: A- (Guy B); B (Monica S and Paul M); C (Ruben C)

May 19: A- (Christine VD); B (Denise M and Ruben C); C (Shirley K)

May 26: A (Christine VD); A-/B+ (Lynn P); B (Gary K); C (Ian N)

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