From Joe hisself.  Surgery was a complete success. All tingling, burning sensation, and numbness in left arm and shoulder gone. No post-op pain; no hard drug pain meds; only on acetaminophen. No problems eating or swallowing; only 1 inch incision at the front of the neck. I came home Saturday morning and had a good night sleep Saturday and Sunday night. Overall, it was a textbook operation and recovery.

However, no cycling for 90 days.  no skiing this year; no driving or lifting more than 10 lbs (my bike is 16 lbs) until cleared by the doctor. The body feels good so I do not anticipate any recovery problems. I’ll miss being on the bike; but I will be back in the saddle as soon as the doc clears me. I do plan to be in shape to ride the Santa Fe Century this year.

Joe can join us at lunch after rides if we tell him where we are.  Or we can make him guess.

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