Well, I looked and looked, reviewed and reviewed, and couldn’t make a decision. As I was falling asleep one evening wrestling with choice turmoil, even considering phooey, maybe I really do not need a HR monitor any more, all of a sudden I remembered the Finnish engineering firm Suunto that makes very high quality compasses, clinometers, GPS and other instruments. I’ve used a few of their instruments over the years and was impressed with their engineering standards. Hopped out of bed and went to the web site. Interesting, because in all previous searching for HR and calorie monitors and counters Suunto never came up, go figure. They have sport HR instruments up to $500 and darn me if they do not make a simple two button HR monitor and calorie counter with a large dial for less than a hundred bucks. Well, don’t that beat all. Exactly… almost my preference with one compromise; have to use a chest strap, but that means I can wear the monitor over sleeves for easy reading. So I ordered the basic M2 for $77 and we shall see.



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