I (Lynn) had my first follow-up doctor’s visit today. Here’s the report:
The good news – I am healing beautifully and the staples are out. I am not in a back brace or anything. I am not in any pain that Tylenol does not pretty much take care of. I am doing a lot of gentle walking, which is all that I am allowed.
The bad news – my next visit is a month away and I can’t take a bath till then. Then there is another visit with X-rays where they see if the fusion is setting up properly and only if so will I be released for PT or other activity except for the gentle walking. The X-ray visit might not happen till April. I was hoping for early March and back on the bike by April. But apparently not. I’ll still hope.
There’s an amazing network of friends and acquaintances (some SOBs) who are bringing me food and drink, so I don’t want for anything.  If you are in the neighborhood and want to visit, call or text me on my cell or email me.


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