Well… its been 3 weeks since I hit the pavement coming down from the Pajarito Ski Basin…  and the body at 71 is a little slower to heal then at 20-30. I was released from the hospital 17 May. On 29 May, the UNM Trauma Center said my lung puncture had closed, the lung was fully inflated and the puncture wound is healing nicely; the lower ribs were healing fine; and the area where they removed the chest tube that was inserted after the accident had sealed and was healing nicely.
5 June I see the orthopaedic doc to get an assessment of the broken collar bone; the multiple fractures and displacement of ribs 2 and 3 near the collar bone break; and possible damage to the right shoulder blade (likely bone bruise, chip or crack). I am hoping all the pieces are lining up without the need for surgery. 11 June I have an appointment with a Neurosurgeon for a follow-up brain and neck scan; and concussion protocol. If all works out well… I am hoping to be back in the saddle in 4 weeks or so. The body will tell me when its right to be back on the bike.
My head and helmet really took a shot. The doctors have all said the helmet likely saved my life. The company (Bike Inn) where I bought the helmet (Kask Protone, L) has already sent me a replacement helmet (No… not free; but 60% off retail). Yes… the Trauma Center cut my SOB kit off me; I have another one on order including vest and hat… but NO GLOVES or SOCKS. I’ll have the Red Kestrel checked next week do determine next steps.

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