Hi everyone.  This is the first of a series of posts regarding our upcoming season, but especially the first rides in May.

This post is about signing up for rides.  We have gotten a good response from A riders.  All those rides are a go.  We have gotten much less of a response from B and C riders.  Something which we did not highlight before, but be aware of it.  There is a limit of 30 riders for each event.  There is also a minimum of 5.  If, two days before the ride, we do not have at least 5 riders signed up for a ride, then we are going to cancel it.

Below is the current status for all the rides as far as the number of signups.

This post describes how to sign up.  Follow up posts this week will indicate your eligibility to ride as far as your waiver status is concerned.

A riders and leaders for May 6 note!  The start location for May 6 has been changed to Rancho de Chimayo restaurant in Chimayo (where we have had our luncheons in the past).  (The ride name is still Cities of Gold though)  They have agreed to allow us to park there.  Route is being discussed.  We will advise asap.

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