Thursday Nov 9.  
Le Ride Film.  One night only at Regal 14 (near Zafarano)  6.30pm  

LE RIDE follows Phil Keoghan and his friend Ben Cornell as they attempt to recreate the original route of the 1928 Tour de france. Averaging 240 kilometres a day for 26 days, Phil and Ben traverse both the unforgiving mountains of the Pyrenees and the Alps, on original vintage steel racing bikes with no gears and marginal brakes. The documentary takes inspiration from the remarkable true story of Australians Sir Hubert Opperman, Ernie Bainbridge and Percy Osborne, and New Zealander Harry Watson as the first English speaking team to compete in the Tour de France. They arrived after six weeks at sea, under-trained and under-resourced, untested and completely written off by the French media. The 1928 Tour was the toughest in history – a hell on wheels race of attrition. Only 41 finished out of 161 starters yet remarkably three were from the Australasian team. This extraordinary story of achievement against the odds has never been told on film – until now.   Click link to purchase tickets.

Also Thursday Nov 9.  Meeting on cycling improvements in NM and Santa Fe.
6pm.  Genoveva Chavez Center.  This is a part of the NM Bike Plan.  Even if you do not plan to attend the meeting please click the link and participate in the planning process.  Take the survey.  Review the interactive map and add your comments.  Thanks.  Click link for more information and to participate. 

Saturday Nov 18.  2nd annual SantaFondo.  Galisteo loop from SF Brewing on 14.  10am.  Can also do out-back to Galisteo, like many of us did last year, so we get back for free beer.   Weather permitting it is a good ride alternative to our normal Saturday ride.

From the organizer, Irena Ossola:  Since last year was so much fun, why not do it again?! The 2nd Annual SANTAFONDO will be a meet up “fondo” ride from SF Brewing Company.
Let’s get out for a ride with some other cyclists and a great post ride beer. Before Thanksgiving turkey and the cold, come pedal for a Saturday morning spin.
Route: Galisteo Loop- down 14 to Galisteo, then across and up Old Las Vegas Highway, then across Rabbit Road back to SF Brewing Co.

1 beer post ride, from Irena
Distance: about 50 miles
Finishing Time: About 1, but depends on the speed of the ride
All cyclists are welcome!
Support: your flat kit and a cell phone

Thanks to the Brewing Company for donating the beer to Irena and for hosting the event!

Finally a fitting gesture from my newest heroine.  Happened in Virginia, Sic Semper Tyrannis

Cyclist Lost Her Job After Raising Middle Finger at Trump’s Motorcade

I know someone in the SOB’s who’s jealous.    First name begins with an “M”

Full article from NYTimes.


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