I received the following e-mail from Deputy Roher of the Pima County Sheriff Department:

Good Afternoon Mr. Mainland,

I issued the case yesterday with the County Attorney and this afternoon presented it to the grand jury.  It was true billed.  The next hearing I believe is Monday, the 14th.  The case has been assigned to Judge Rash in Pima County Superior Court.
The charges were
2 counts Manslaughter
1 count agg assault serious injury 
3 counts agg assault dangerous instrument
4 counts endangerment
1 count criminal damage
1 count DUI
We are still awaiting a blood result.  It could be as soon as next Tuesday.  
All 9 riders have been named as victims thus the endangerment charges.
Let me know if there are any questions.  I’ll let you know when we receive the blood results.  
Thank you.  I hope the entire SOB Group is well.

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