Dick and Karin Roth and Mark Warchol connected in Tucson for a ride on THE LOOP.  Riding the Rillito Trail east, all took breakfast at Seis Mexican Restaurant for some excellent breakfast burritos and some fine coffee.  Fully landscaping, regularly repaired, washed and blown free of debris, with 134 miles on interconnected traffic-free trails including a 55 mile loop around the city, THE LOOP can best be described as a “Cyclist’s Disneyland”!!!
Living at opposing corners of the city (the Roth’s at Starr Pass SE of Tucson and Mark at Dove Mountain NW of Tucson, Dick, Karin and Mark can still connect via THE LOOP even though they live some 30 to 40 miles apart!!! Amazing!!!
We wish all of our SOBs friends back in Santa Fe safe riding!!!  And finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention our Sonoran Desert weather.  We have not seen an rain for four months…only clear skies with abundant sunshine.  With summer approaching, our mornings are a cool (?) 75.  By 10 AM we have reached 90 and throughout the early afternoons our temperatures finally settle in at 105!!!  Of course, summer has NOT yet arrived so that the BEST is yet to come.  Needless to say we start ( 6AM) and finish (9AM) early…swimming at 10 AM and hot tub at 10:30 AM with a light lunch and a siesta to follow…Life is good in the desert 🌵 🌵 🌵
In closing, in JoeS’s absence, it is necessary for us to add ” ANOTHER AWESOME RIDE AND ADVENTURE… LIVING THE EX-SOB DREAM RIDING THE LOOP!!!

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