Traffic Skill 101 Class

Bike Santa Fe is sponsoring the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) Smart Cycling course Traffic Skills 101.  If you do not feel comfortable riding in town or would like to improve your cycling skills, this is a great way to gain confidence with proven techniques and tips. Share this with your friends!

The course will be taught at the REI Community Room in the Railyard on Saturday September 24 at 10 AM and Sunday September 25 by LAB certified instructors Gary Schiffmiller and Edwin Crosswhite.

The course includes: basic bicycle maintenance, fitting/adjusting bicycles, techniques to improve safety and efficiency for (primarily) on-street cycling (e.g. proper lane positioning, lane changing, dealing with intersections (particularly left turns), communication with drivers, etc.), and some emergency maneuvers. Laws as they pertain to bicyclists and drivers will also be discussed. There will be a written and road test at the end of the course. Participants will receive a certificate.

You can get a sense of some of the material included by checking out some instructional videos at the League of American Bicyclists website (

Class is limited to 12 participants and is filling up, so reserve your space now.

The cost of $15 is to cover instruction materials. We are requesting the registration fee in advance, as it will be used to purchase the course material (manual) that participants will then own as a reference.

Sunday will be mainly on bikes in a protected area, then some on-street riding.  You must bring a geared bike and wear a helmet. Minimum age is 14.

This is a prerequisite course if you are interested in becoming a League Certified Instructor (LCI).

If you have questions contact Gary at:

Gary Schiffmiller

LCI #2839

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