Bike Santa Fe is offering the Smart Cycling (formerly TS 101) course on June 29, July 6 and July 8. 
BTAC members, and city staff have priority for signing up until June 20th.
The cost is $50 in advance.  Maximum 15 people.                               See the Bike Santa Fe facebook page for information.

Bike Santa Fe wants to help city officials understand cycling through learning safe cycling techniques.
 All cyclists can benefit and improve their riding skills and habits.
Those who don’t normally ride a bike can benefit through insights to help in the planning and engineering of roads and other bike infrastructure.
Others will better understand issues regarding bike traffic regulation and enforcement.
Gain confidence!  Learn how to safely maneuver in traffic.  Use your bike more!
Smart Cycling course from the League of American Bicyclists. Taught by League Certified Instructors. Must be 14 or older. Must use a helmet and a properly working bicycle.
There will be two classroom style evening sessions (630-9:00) with video and hands on flat tire repair and a Saturday session on the bike. Course manual provided.
The evening sessions will be held at Groundfloor Stone at 1404b Maclovia Str. Saturday location TBD

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