Thomas Jefferson completed the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. He may have thought Santa Fe was included as he worked on his invention of a bicycle, telling his aide that he planned to ride his bicycle to Santa Fe to celebrate the Declaration of Independence on the Plaza eating pancakes. When he found that Santa Fe was not included, he stopped work on his invention and confessed to aides that his biggest regret in life was not riding his bike to Santa Fe.

Don’t take a chance that you could have such a regret! The SOBs are riding their bikes to the Plaza  to enjoy the local ritual of pancakes on the Plaza. Everybody you know in Santa Fe will be there. The ride is for all levels of riding ability. The return ride is all down hill!

Ride leader: Bill Pollock   Questions? Contact

Start: 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 4 at Kohl’s Department Store

Arrive on the Plaza around 9:30.

Return arrival at Kohl’s Department Store by 11:30

Cost: The pancake breakfast of meat, pancakes, orange juice and coffee is $10, but you can buy a discount ticket for $8 at any bank or credit union.

Wear your red, white, and blue jersey if you have one. And bring a lock for your bike!!!

Ride to brighten Tom Jefferson’s day!

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