Tom passed away earlier this month and his obituary (courtesy is below.

Tom was a frequent C rider in recent years.  He was quick to friend new members and to volunteer to hero rides.  He will be missed.

THOMAS DAY Thomas Day, born January 29, 1939, in Hollywood, Florida, who died May 9, 2018, in Santa Fe, was a child prodigy, although this was not apparent to everyone at the time. At an exceptionally early age he became a preeminent gunslinger of the Wild West. By the age of 10 he had the skills to be a major league ballplayer. Due to an innate modesty he kept these accomplishments to himself throughout his life. He later–and this you could look up–passed all his high school and college courses and went on to a career in journalism. He covered the civil rights movement in Chicago and, after moving to Santa Fe in 1968, the formation of a labor union by courageous hospital nurses and Tesuque Pueblo’s successful battle against a powerful group of non-Indian land developers. In the mid-1980s he left full-time journalism to open a one-person woodworking business, making and repairing furniture. A longtime runner, he ran in Northern New Mexico races with world-class runners such as Henry Rono and Tony Sandoval, both of whom would have run faster had they known he was in the field. He is survived by Tracey Kimball, his wife of 32 years, whose love blessed his life; his two children, James and Stuart–whom he loved as life itself and who made him endlessly proud–from a previous marriage to Mary Dunham; James’ wife, Gwen Hoppe; his grandchildren Madeline Day and Emma Day and their mother, Jennifer Day; his loyal brother, James and his wife, Phyllis Orrick; as well as cousins, nieces, nephews and other nifty relatives. A celebration of his life will be announced and held at a later date.

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