SOB riders came face to face with Tó Neinilii Saturday, and Tó Neinilii  blinked. The heavy overcast skies threaten rain at the start of the ride; but SOB riders were undeterred as they headed to La Cienega.  

Riding at a rather brisk pace; we quickly arrived at La Cienega; climb the hill to the Interstate, and traversed Bonanza Creek Road to Highway 14. By now the sun was out rain jackets were quickly stowed. Tó Neinilii had blinked!! YAHOO!!

Under beautiful skies we were all smiles as we made the climb up Highway 14 to LUNCH at Rowley’s!! We all toasted the no-rain rain with Farmhouse Ale; and chowed down for nourishment. (Pictures curtesy of Ed). 



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