Thursday’s SOB Ride tackled the ups and downs around the Los Alamos Area. The A Riders were leaderless until John stepped up to lead us around the circuit. While others took the bridge across the ravine through Los Alamos Labs; John, very familiar with the area, tortured us on a back road down into and out of the ravine to the Pajarito turn off. After the climb out of the ravine, there were no takers for climbing Pajarito Mountain to the ski basin (We all said a prayer that Rick and Tom weren’t with us!).

After a HUGE sigh of relief for not having to climb Pajarito, we head out on the downhill run to Bandolier National Park. We scrapped together enough Senior Passes to get the group through the gate as the Range kindly reminded everyone that the price of the Senior Pass (LIFETIME membership pass to all parks+) goes up from $10 to $80 on August 28!! You can get the pass at BLM on Dinosaur Rd (Bring $10 cash) or at ANY National Park entrance. If you do not have one, get one tomorrow!! Shame on you if you don’t!  END OF PAID ANNOUNCEMENT.  Picture time at Bandolier Visitor Center (Danish Tourist behind the lens. Yes! he took 14 pictures before lifting his finger off the button).

Arriving in White Rock, we detoured to the White Rock Overlook Park for a breathtaking view the the Rio Grande across to Santa Fe. Deborah wanted no part of the viewing platform, but overcame her fears for the Group Photo!!

No malingering for SOB riders on the viewing platform, rain clouds were forming… and we STILL faced the 5 mile Truck Route By-Pass climb!! The climb was as long as we all remembered; but the weather was ideal!! Frank, Jim, and Deb made the climb look easy; newcomer to the climb Barbara learned 1-2 MPH faster at the bottom of the climb; doesn’t make the end of the climb easier. At the end of the climb it was a mad sprint by all to the Smith’s parking lot to beat the rain!!

Where’s lunch??? It was off to the Blue Window Bistro in Los Alamos for eats and cheers!!

John: Thanks for stepping up and taking “ownership” of this motley crew!






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