The ride Thursday up the Pecos River Canyon is always a beautiful ride along the river below the towering cliffs above. It has always been a favorite ride of the SOB members and was so proclaimed years ago by Barbara Nueva, an early member. Because it was, we have chosen to also take a few minutes on the ride to stop at Windy Bridge and remember those members who have died.

This year there are 10 members to recognize and remember. Our protocol has been to ride silently to Windy Bridge. Once all the riders of all the groups have arrived, we remember them in a brief ceremony and continue our ride to the turnaround points for each group. This is not a solemn activity but a bright moment to remember the many rides that we enjoyed with our friends.

Those being remembered”

Barbara Nueva

Lee Hilley

Mark Bolisterli

Alice Regan

Herb Schon

Charlie Loesch

Clare Rhodes

Ramon Montoya

Tom Day

Joel Stein

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