The board and the ride leaders have made a few changes to the Thursday ride plan for 2018.  We’d like to explain them so please read.

First off, we have done away with Club20 for this year.  We are still going to have a sign in sheet at the start but we are considering eliminating them in the future.

For A rides.  We are going to try to always have an A and an A- ride every week, even if we only have one ride leader.  The A- group is intended to ride the longer distance of the A rides but at a slower pace, compatible with everyone riding that day.  The A racer group (you know who you are) should click this link for instructions on how to load their GPS gizmos with the route and  will be responsible for leading themselves should they want to ride off the front.  We are going to ask the ride leader, if there is only one, to lead the A- ride.  If there are two leaders that day, then each group (A, A-) will have an official leader.  Of course the racer group can ride at the pace of the A- group if they are so inclined.  We are going to solicit a HERO for A- group but we will not require one.

For B rides:  Rather than have 3 different distances, we are going to have 1 B ride route and distance.  The B+, B, B- groups will still exist, and will determine the pace of the ride, so the B+ will be energetic, the B will be medium, and the B- will be relaxed.  Ride leaders and HEROs will be assigned to every ride.

For C rides:  There will continue to be only one C ride distance.  However, if there are more than 15 C riders, the ride leader may choose to break the group into two groups with a varying pace.  If this happens, riders will be asked to help lead and HERO the two groups.

For B and C rides, when the ride start is out of town a long distance, we are going to have an alternate in town start for those groups.  We have done this in the past for the Mora / ElDorado ride but this year we are doing it about 8 times.  Details will be given on the ride calendar but rides like Taos and El Rito will have in town starts for B / C groups.  We hope that the existence of the A- group will allow B riders to join an out of town ride if they desire.  Also, an A rider with a tight schedule can now easily ride on a Thursday with one of the B groups.

Also, in general, we have tried to cluster the out of town rides toward the beginning and end of the year, rather than in the middle.  This will hopefully provide less chance of thunderstorms disrupting the rides and allow us to start rides earlier during the hottest months since we will not have to add an hour drive to the start time.

There will be another post in the near future with a refresher about how to access upcoming ride information.

We are aware that mid-course corrections may be needed and we are willing to listen to comments and adjust as needed.  Stay Safe.

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