This was a new ride for us this year. We had 12 A riders who completed the 57.5 mile round trip from Ojo to the Gorge Bridge rest area. Janet took a few pics, which are below. Thanks Janet. Thanks also to Bob G who helped me lead the ride. Biggest thanks of all to Steve H who surprised us at about mile 40 with cold drinks.  He rode up on his moto toting drinks.  Awesome and much appreciated.
Ride notes: The shoulder on 285 was not bad, a few rough spots but generally rideable without going left of the rumble strip. 587 and the Rim Rd were great. We had a nasty headwind coming back. Lunch at Blue Heron in Espanola was well attended. (Jim promises to slow down everywhere 😉

Photos:  On the way out at the 587 turn.  The bridge.  On the way back, enjoying Steve’s surprise.IMG_0852



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