SOB Riders showed up in force on a windy Thursday!! One group of 20 SOB Riders headed out under sunny, bright blue skies from the 599 Station down Hwy 14 to Lone Butte Gas Station. At Lone Butte, one group turned right on Bonanza Creek heading to the Cell Tower and La Cienega. A 2nd group made a left turn at Hwy 42 and rode counter-clockwise around the Galisteo Loop. The 3rd group headed down Hwy 14 to Madrid to inspect the Stagecoach Summit. Yes… it’s still there. Here’s the picture of 6 at the Stagecoach Summit (Joe behind the lens).

The wind was an unwelcomed training partner all day long. Those making it back to the 599 Station early enjoyed the refreshments at the Ranch House. The remaining stragglers arrived after the festivities. The Galisteo Loop riders logged 48+ miles and 2,400+ ft of climbing; the Stagecoach Summit riders logged 43 miles and 2,600+ ft of climbing; and the Cell Tower/La Cienega ridersp logged 27+ miles and 1200+ ft of climbing. It was a great day to ride!!  Those not joining us, don’t pass up the best Winter riding we have had in years!! Hope to see you soon on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday ride!!


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