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A message from Nuno Tavares, director and producer of the film Soul of a Cyclist.

“Happy New Year! I hope with a lot of cycling included

I am the director and producer of the film “The Soul of a Cyclist” and one of the missions that I had when I’ve started this independent project was to convey a very positive message about cycling to a broad audience.

But, as I like to say, this is not a movie about bicycles only, but about the importance of appreciating the simplest (and most precious) things in our life like friendship and appealing for a sustainable life. In the end the viewer also gets an urge to ride a bike (It’s not me who says it ).

I am happy to mention that this film has already been selected to 33 international film festivals around the world (9 of them in the USA), had 7 awards for best film (including Winner of Best International Film at 2021 DC Independent Film Festival in Washington DC) and 3 honorable mentions (full list of festivals and awards available at film’s website

You can watch the English version of the film and its trailer here

So, I’m launching right now the film independently and if Santa Fe Seniors On Bikes could help to reach a broader audience, and share it on your social networks and other communication tools you have at your hand, helping spreading the word, I would be very, very grateful for it. In a world dominated by the big entertainment companies, with their own agenda, there isn’t much room for a film like this other than through independent distribution. What a pity, because these are the messages that we have to spread, more and more, among human beings, in order to try to become better.

And wherever the film goes, your main message, your mission to promote and develop cycling goes as well. So, I believe we’ve a great synergy here.

If you would like to watch the entire film, I will be more than happy to send you a free private online screener.

Thank you very much in advance for your attention.

With my best regards,
-Nuno Tavares ( )

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