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Several of you have emailed me in the last couple weeks to inquire as to whether I intend to do the Texas Hill Country Ride for a week this coming year.  The answer is Yes.

I plan to be arriving into Kerrville on February 8, 2019 with the hope of getting in 7-8 days of riding in the area around Kerrville and Fredricksburg . 

Depending how that 1st week  goes, I may then individually head further south to the Fort Davis and Alpine area of south Texas for further exploration. That second week will be dependent on weather and personal whim, but I wanted to let you know of that additional possibility.

This year my buddy David has other obligations which preclude his participation.  For the past two years David was the man who made arrangements with theYO Ranch.

For myself, I am more laid back on housing, and so I do not have any particular plans to regarding a central motel location. Everyone is welcome to shop around and make your individual lodging bookings.  Should anyone want to attempt to negotiate some block reservations at a particular motel, please feel free to take the initiative and share this with others.  For myself, I will catch-as-catch-can.

My intent is to come with minivan, bike, computer and printer/scanner. I’ll also have a folder of local ride maps.  As time gets closer, I will communicate further and let you know of daily meeting places and times for each day’s ride.  I expect we will often have dinner together and talk about the next day’s plans.

I expect that people will come and go as they are inclined. But it will be good to know of intentions.

While this is an informal gathering, not sponsored by any club nor organization, it will nevertheless piggy-back on a number of previous organized rides in the area taken by folks that are experienced with the Hill Country at this time of year.

This will be my 12th consecutive year riding in Texas in the winter and I look forward to the countryside and culture.  I look forward also to the camaraderie of riding with friends over the landscape.

Do let me know over the next couple months what your intentions are and feel free to share any questions, suggestions and thoughts.

Also, please feel free to share this general invitation with others, including any I may have missed. As long as individuals understand the informal nature of this get-together, they should have a good time.

I’ll keep you posted,


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