On Saturday, June 1, the Texas 4000 riders arrive in Santa Fe.  The riders are upper division and graduate students at the University of Texas in Austin. They ride from Austin to Anchorage, Alaska, stopping briefly on their route. This year, the group is in Santa Fe for just one night. They will arrive around 4 p.m. and will be hosted for dinner at the Las Campanas County Club by the Texas Exes local alumni organization.

SOB members have been invited to attend the dinner and meet the 34 students in the group. In the past the SOBs met the arriving group in Eldorado and escorted the riders to their motel and then attended the dinner.  SOBs will be just meeting them for dinner this year. Three other groups of students from the university also make the trip, but ride different routes through the “lower 48” and meet in White Horse, Yukon for the remainder of the ride to Anchorage. The Texas 4000 raises nearly $1 million each year for cancer research. Almost all of the participating students have family, friends, and frequently personal experience with cancer.  Each student will have been working on campus to learn leadership responsibilities and demonstrate fund-raising experience for a year before the selection of the 90 riders for the tour.  In recent years, women represent around 55% of the riders. You can look at their website to review the program: www.texas4000.org. You can see pictures of the riders and brief comments from each. Select the Rockies group.

Dining with the riders is an interesting and satisfying experience. They are excellent conversationalists and they are much fun to be around. Their enthusiasm is a welcome benefit to SOBs and the Texas alumni. A cocktail hour begins at 5:30 p.m. followed by dinner at 6:45 at Club at Las Campanas 132 Clubhouse Drive, Santa Fe, NM. Cost is $60/person and the dinner will be Northern New Mexico Mexican food. The riders present a brief program following dinner.

RSVP today to SFTE505@gmail.com or samhaas@msn.com to make your reservation. Send your check to:

Texas Exes Santa Fe Chapter

223 North Guadalupe #133,

Santa Fe, NM 87501.  The Club does not take cash, so use a credit card at the cocktail hour.

This notice presented by SOB member Bill Pollock

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