Saturday, June 5, the riders of all 4 groups riding in the annual 4000-mile ride leave from a large recreation area in Lampassas, Texas, a few miles northwest of Austin. The Rockies group will arrive in Santa Fe ten days later on June 15. The distance from Austin to Santa Fe is about the same as that from St. Louis to Santa Fe which the wagon trains of yore traveled the Old Santa Fe Trail. However, it took the wagons almost 3 months to make the journey. Texas 4000 riders will cover the distance in just 10 days! Oh, the magnificent quality of the bicycle!

At a brief rest stop in Eldorado, members of Seniors on Bikes will join the group and lead them to the motel in the Rail Yard area. Riding with 24 Texas riders, who are wearing unique jerseys and riding identical bicycles,  down Old Santa Fe Trail is a bit of excitement itself. When the group reaches the Plaza, the crows there take note immediately of a large group of cyclists. In the past, Texas alumni who just happened to be at the Plaza at the moment, approach the Texas riders to donate money to their cause.

The day of arrival is Tuesday. SOB members participating in the Texas 4000 arrival may want to plan the regular Tuesday ride to begin around noon from DeVargas Center. Ride to Eldorado to stop at the Agora Market and await the Texas 4000 riders. Then after leading the ride to the motel, returning the short distance to DeVargas. Another alternative that I plan to do–drive to DeVargas and park my car and get a ride back to Eldorado to meet the riders. After the ride back to the motel, I can drive back home, shower, and get to the dinner. 

The Las Campanas Country Club is hosting a dinner to honor the Texas 4000 riders and their motivation to raise substantial funds for cancer research. The dinner begins with a cocktail hour at 5:30 p.m. and dinner starting shortly after 6:30. The menu is a dinner of the club’s famous chicken enchiladas, preceded by a smoke house salad and other items. The cost of the dinner is $60/person. Following the dinner, the riders will present a brief program describing their route and their goals.

Meeting and conversing with the students on the ride is stimulating. One recognizes immediately that these students are committed to leading a nation and world to wonderful opportunities in the future. The students are upper division and graduate students studying in many different fields. They are knowledgeable about their areas of study and what they plan to do in the field.

Jenna Guzman is one of the Rockies group leaders and is coordinating their arrival in Santa Fe. Jenna is a senior and plans to complete graduate work in Public Health and she looks forward in a career in Public Health. She is riding to support her mother who is a cancer survivor and for a friend who has been dealing with a rare liver cancer. You will meet Jenna at dinner and, of course, on the arrival in Eldorado.

Schedule the activity on your calendars now! June 15–arrival in Eldorado and dinner at the Las Campanas Country Club.

Submitted by Bill Pollock


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