Riders in the Texas 4000 bicycle ride arrive in Santa Fe on Wednesday, May 31. The ride did not pass through Santa Fe, but it will this year. The Texas 4000 is a bike ride beginning in Austin, Texas and riding to Anchorage, Alaska. The riders are upper-division and graduate students at the University of Texas who raise funds for cancer research, usually raising close to $1 million each year. There are three separate rides: the Rockies ride comes through Santa Fe, then to Denver and into Canada where the three rides join in White Horse, Yukon and then form a single group into Anchorage, arriving there in mid-August. Each group has about 26-28 riders.

Santa Fe is a major stop and they will spend two nights here. Susy Battaglia honors the commitment of Frank Battaglia deceased member of SOBs,  to cover the costs of the motel here in Santa Fe where the riders stay for two nights. The Battaglila family has made this gesture for almost 10 years. In recent years, the riders are about 60% women and 40% men. Almost all of the riders have immediate or close family members who have dealt with cancer. Many of the riders, though only in their 20s, are also cancer survivors.  They know the importance of cancer research in treating others.

SOB members in the past have met the riders when they arrive in Eldorado  and lead the Texans to their motel near the Railyard. It is an feeling of excitement leading the Texans wearing their club jerseys down Old Santa Fe Trail and into the Plaza. Visitors to Santa Fe are much impressed just seeing the group arrive at one time. In the past visitors have stopped the riders and donated some money to them as they walk in front of the Palace. Just a short hop to the motel.

The local alumni of the University of Texas host the Texas riders and SOB riders and spouses/partners to a fabulous dinner at the Las Campanas Country Club on the second night, Thursday, June 1.  There is nothing more enjoyable and refreshing than spending a couple of hours with young adults excited about their adventure and looking forward to their careers and lives that are in the future.

Watch the SOB website during the next couple of weeks to read more about the arrival of the Texas 4000. Think seriously about meeting the riders on mid–afternoon on May 31 in Eldorado and the ride into town. with them. SOB members can set things up by parking a car at the Agora Market area and hitching a ride back from the Railyard to retrieve the car. Or, ride both ways starting from the DeVargas Center. The dinner is a wonderful setting at the Las Campanas Club.

This announcement submitted by Bill Pollock

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