The three groups left Austin, Texas yesterday after a ceremony and gathering of family and friends to see them off. Must be exciting, the first day. Everything to look forward to–the ride, the changing scenery best seen from a bicycle.

Next Friday, June 7, the Sierra Group arrives in Santa Fe. SOB members are encouraged to meet the Texas 4000 riders when they arrive at the Agora Market in Eldorado about 2 p.m. Ride with them to the Plaza.

And then join with them, bringing spouses or friends with you to the Las Campanas Country Club for social times and a great dinner in the beautiful dining room of the Club House. Just passing through the gate keeper at the entrance to the grounds and announcing that you are attending the Texas 4000 dinner swings wide the gate and the wonderful drive through the grounds.

Next week, I ask that you send me an email saying that you will attend and the name(s) of those coming with you. Important to provide the number coming to the Club. In the past, our members have said that meeting the students on the ride and chatting with them is one of the highlights of the year. You might find yourself sitting next to Brittan McCarthy. She was raised in Australia and then six years in London before enrolling at the University of Texas where she majors in bioengineering. Brittan says she has a British accent that surprises other students.

Let me know next week if you can attend the dinner and also if you will be able to ride.

Bill Pollock


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