Tonight the Texas 4000 riders are in the Midland, Texas area and looking forward to their entry into New Mexico tomorrow. And in two more days, the riders will be here in Santa Fe! When they arrive in Santa Fe County, the Seniors on Bikes will be there to greet them at the Eldorado community, and ride with them to the historic Plaza–the End of the Santa Fe Trail.

The riders should arrive at Eldorado about 1:30 on Friday, June 9. They will stop briefly at the Eldorado Market at the Agora where the SOBs will be waiting. Then we all ride as a group into Santa Fe via Old Las Vegas Highway to El Gancho. Then to the Old Santa Fe Trail and down into the Plaza. We have to dismount and walk our bikes along Palace at the edge of the Plaza. Remount and ride the several blocks to the Motel 6 on Paseo Peralta near the corner of Guadalupe,

SOBs will leave DeVargas at 12:15 p.m. to ride out to Eldorado. But SOBs can also work out other arrangements. Some will meet at Eldorado and ride back to the Plaza with the group. And some others may work out personal plans to join anywhere along the route.

Riders of Texas 4000 are a lively group of college students and they have fun along the route. Riding with them back to Santa Fe we will hear words of encouragement, warnings of obstacles, and poking good friendly comments. The final blocks to the Plaza are amazing and you feel that you are right where you need to be–in the center of a great bicycle ride.

Dinner is at the Las Campanas Golf Club. Happy Hour at 6:30 followed by dinner and a program presented by the students. You can still sign up for the dinner by sending me, Bill Pollock, and email to

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