The welcoming and hosting of the riders of the Texas 4000 have come and gone. Everything went well. We were waiting in the Eldorado Agora parking lot. The riders arrived in groups and we formed a welcoming gate for each rider.

The group divided into two groups for the ride into Santa Fe. The Texas riders were enthusiastic about Santa Fe and were very pleased to have arrived. They were very happy  with their motel and they were all showered, some with still-drying hair, at the Happy Hour and dinner. At one table all three Texas students had got into bicycling when they enrolled at the university and discovered the Texas 4000 club. Two had only ridden as small children, and one had to learn how to ride as an adult and student at the university. But they all loved cycling and were looking forward to the rest of the ride to Anchorage, Alaska.

There were 82 at the dinner, and it was fun!! The program was inspiring about the success and need for cancer research.

And special thanks to Frank Battaglia, a long time member of the SOBs, for funding the cost of the motel for all Texas riders and crew. It was a great time!

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