Wednesday evening, the riders of the Texas 4000 arrive in Lubbock, Texas. Getting close to New Mexico. And on Thursday, they cross the state line to stay in Clovis, New Mexico where they will hear the jets at the Clovis Air Force Base taking off and landing. A quieter night on Friday at Santa Rosa, New Mexico. And then–Saturday! Saturday, they arrive in Santa Fe. The riders look forward to scenery that is not all flat and to mountains that they look at all day Saturday on their ride up to Santa Fe. On the Lamy hill, they say they begin to deal with altitude issues.

SOBs will meet the Texas 4000 riders at the Agora parking lot on Saturday about 3:30 p.m. and lead them via Old Santa Fe Trail to the Plaza and to their hotel. Bring your bike and join in the ride.

Still time to sign up for the great dinner on Sunday, June 10. Cocktails at 5:30 with dinner and brief program to follow. Price is $60 per person. Present a check at the Las Campanas Country Club when you arrive. No credit cards for dinner. But you can use credit cards for cocktails. At the dinner, you will learn how to hold your hand to say “Lock ’em Horns”! Next time you visit Houston, Dallas, or Austin. the hand signal will be useful in getting a free drink at the corner bar.

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Submitted by Bill Pollock


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